Agile Developer
What is an agile developer?

A viewpoint by Adrien Handjani, Experienced Consultant. Whether it is directly taught or implicitly instilled, developers often start out their careers using either the waterfall or V-model. And yet, these are not the only software […]

Hydrogen the promised landHydrogen the promised land
Hydrogen: the promised land?

A Viewpoint by Adrien Eyraud, Global Account Manager at Amaris Consulting. H: the smallest, simplest, lightest, and most abundant element in the universe is currently causing a stir in the scientific and business community, perhaps […]

Industry 4.0 within warehousing 01
Industry 4.0 within warehousing.

A Viewpoint by Anca Mocan, Lead Consultant at Amaris Consulting What is industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 creates what have been called ‘smart factories’. These are made up of smart machines, storage systems, and production facilities that […]