One day in 2050

Imagine... a working day in the future

Today’s technology-driven world often centers on the uneasy alliance between humans and machines. Let’s imagine for a second a future where humans and machines are increasingly intertwined.

A future where our capacity to connect more meaningfully with others is dramatically enabled and expanded by machines.

Imagine a future where technology allows our human behaviors to evolve in a way that radically enhances collaboration, emotional connectivity, and deep empathy.

Imagine that this future is closer than you think.

During our upcoming Think&Thrive event, we will hear from four inspirational speakers who will share their expert views on what’s next ...

...for our increasingly technology-dependent world, and what that could mean for us all as humans.

Join us for this 45-minute roundtable discussion
and find out what the future may hold.

Get to know our speakers


Bahar Sandal

senior account executive


Dina Elikan

innovation PM
@audemars piguet


Julia Grebenyuk

quantitative & Risk


Sarah Schwab

@The digital Experience

Introduction by Julie Malouin, Head of Innovation Lab @Mantu

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