Amaris Consulting partnered with Jamf to achieve a holistic device management solution for Apple integration.

Amaris Consulting joined forces with Tricentis to provide fast and agile software testing to its clients through a first-rate continuous testing platform.

Amaris Consulting and Odoo have come together to deploy an open-source ERP solution for companies of all sizes.

OVH Cloud (1)

Amaris Consulting and OVH have built a strong partnership by digitally transforming businesses together. OVH provides a dedicated cloud space for organizations to safely host their data and receive necessary support and maintenance. These cloud services are offered worldwide for a large range of activities.

Through our partnership with Scaled Agile, we aim to build operational excellence, collaboration, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction into the DNA of our clients’ organizations. SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) has proven to be an excellent agile framework for leading enterprises.

Amaris Consulting’s partnership with Microsoft helps more organizations to secure the right solutions for improving their businesses. With one of the largest marketplaces in the industry, Microsoft provides a wide range of applications which empower us to offer our clients the latest technologies and innovations to support their digital transformation journey.

Amaris is working with Apple to help companies grow their Apple practice by securing and managing their devices. As an Apple Professional Services partner, Amaris delivers training, support and integration services for customers across many industries.

Through our silver UiPath partnership we support our clients every step of the way: from initial evaluation to selecting the appropriate automation level, until finally developing and maintaining these processes with RPA.
UiPath is the world’s leading RPA company . Their aim is to help automation become the norm as technology continues to advance.

AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, and powerful cloud infrastructure platform in over 190 countries around the world. Its cloud-based services include storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. As part of the global community of AWS Partners, Amaris Consulting is ideally positioned to help businesses accelerate their journey to cloud adoption.


Workato helps clients eliminate duplicate records and bad data in the integration and enables bi-directional workflow automation between apps. As a Gold Partner, Amaris Consulting offers a smoother and faster automation process straight from the data systems for clients across numerous industries, from retail to luxury and education.

Through our certified partnership with Outsystems we accompany companies along their low-code journey and help transform their business through software innovation. Low code is the modern way of creating applications faster and easier by automating every step of the application development lifecycle.
Outsystems improves the way software is built by rapidly creating and deploying critical applications that evolve with the client’s business using visual, model-driven development, and AI-powered tools that revolutionize the entire application lifecycle.

automation anywhere

Automation Anywhere harnesses the power of RPA and Cloud through its one-of-a-kind cloud native platform. As a Silver partner, Amaris Consulting provides worldwide support for RPA cloud-based solutions. Our extensive experience in optimizing our clients’ automation solutions allows us to make a difference in terms of efficiency, savings, speed, traceability, trust and security.

Mosyle provides the most flexible and best-in-class mobile device management (MDM) solutions for Apple deployments of any size, complexity or industry. Over the years Amaris has increased its partnership with Mosyle to become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and reseller.

Workspace ONE a single place to discover and launch all apps, improving end user productivity. Knowing that our customers might look for a unified approach to devices management, Amaris partnered with VMware to equip customers with a solid solution capable of handling all type of devices.

MobileIron is a major actor in the modern management market, and is among the best for multi OS management. MobileIron focuses on a zero trust security approach thanks to the combination of UEM, MobileIron Threat defense and MobileIron Access, granting secure access to business resources. Amaris has worked with MobileIron over the past few years to ensure that our customers devices are always in a safe environment by implementing MobileIron’s solution to secure digital workplaces.

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