Your proven playbook for SAFe: the Amaris Consulting and Scaled Agile partnership

SAFe Provided by Scaled Agile

New technologies come with challenges. Being able to overcome these challenges requires determination, perseverance, and of course, a method. This is how the Scaled Agile methodology came to be developed.

Just as Amaris Consulting emerged 15 years ago to fill the gap in technology consulting services, SAFe materialized in order to fulfil a need in the software industry – the need to manage new developments. SAFe has already begun to change the way we see and use technology. Our new partnership
will pave the way for stronger and more resilient businesses.

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When our clients implement SAFe, we remain fully involved throughout the development process. SAFe encourages experimentation, adaptation and flexibility: some of the values we ourselves at Amaris Consulting promote and encourage. The ability to continuously adapt throughout a project’s

development stages leads to more effective and successful results and outcomes. 

Amaris Consulting and Scaled Agile’s partnership

When working with Amaris Consulting and SAFe, clients will receive a range of benefits such as:

·         Faster time-to-market

·         Increased productivity

·         Quality improvements

·         In-house expertise from certified consultants

·         Happier and more motivated employees

Businesses which rely upon the SAFe methodology often experience rapid change: great business results are certain to follow.

Through this partnership, we equip our clients with the knowledge they need to succeed. By combining Scaled Agile’s framework with the expertise of our experts, we can help you achieve business agility. Implementing SAFe with support from Amaris Consulting’s experts may be the key to your business success.

Amaris Consulting and SAFe’s offers

Through our Bronze partnership with Scaled Agile, we offer our clients the following:

Our offers

  • Business agility
  • Getting started with SAFe
  • SAFe enterprise
  • Advisory services
  • Certified expert consultants

This partnership encourages organizational transformations and innovative software development plans. We make it easy to be flexible, adaptable and successful while maintaining transparency and visibility every step of the way. Understanding agile means to understand a growing need in the current market.

With more than a decade of experience implementing agile solutions, SAFe can provide guidance on how businesses should grow and respond to change. Amaris Consulting will be there to step in whenever you need help to stay on the right path.

When a project is managed through the agile methodology, stakeholders get to make changes and adapt along the way rather than waiting until the end to make the appropriate adjustments. Accordingly, it is crucial for all stakeholders to remain involved throughout the process, helping enhance the project throughout its entire journey.

If you are still uncertain whether agile is the right way forward, get in touch and we can help you build a customized business plan. Our team of experts will provide the support you need before, during and after project development.