Our Apple partnership

Amaris Consulting supports leading organizations to grow their Apple practice by deploying, managing, and securing their devices to foster optimal setup and reach appropriate confidentiality levels.

Our mission is to optimize your enterprise mobility practice to scale easily, through training, integration, and support.

Amaris has 10 years of experience working closely with technology providers and customers across industries from banking to luxury, retail, and industry.


Get the best of your Apple devices by creating outstanding user experiences while keeping your devices and data secure.

Why work with us?

  • Ability to support you with any Apple device
  • We are an Apple professional services partner recognized in multiple countries such as France, Canada, Switzerland
  • Global support

Maximize your Apple investment in Enterprise and Education

Ready to bring your organization to the next stage and maximize you Apple investment in Enterprise and Education?

Our solutions mean you can offer your teams the device they want and your students the device they love

From procurement to end-of- life:



Organizations need to ensure security while creating unique user experiences, as well as simultaneously reducing costs.

Our Apple Entreprise services :

  • Audit
  • Architecture & Build
  • MDM Migration
  • Training
  • Support
  • Reseller
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Everyone has their own way of learning and expressing creativity.

Apple technology and resources empower every kind of educator — and every kind of student — to learn, create and define their own success.

Amaris Consulting supports schools worldwide by:

  • Enabling remote learning
  • Guaranteeing a unique user experience
  • Delivering on site optimal configuration for multi specialization students
  • Automating working labs for each specialization

Our Apple Education services :

  • Audit
  • Lab Configuration
  • iPads Mass Configuration & Deployment
  • Support
  • Training
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