Amaris Consulting and Workato's partnership, your cheat-sheet to easier RPA deployment


The past couple of years have shown a tremendous increase in online activities. Automation is at the core of this digital transition, meaning faster integrations are turning into a necessity: Robotic Process Automation is fast becoming the norm for businesses in the digital era. As Robotic Process Automation’s usage increases, so too does the need to stay relevant and innovative in this competitive market.

This is where Workato comes in: their new integration platform allows IT/developers and citizens to choose their integration process and use it at the same time, saving time and money.

Workato helps companies remain outcomes-focused during the integration process by offering a viable solution inside the matrix.


As we believe in the efficiency of simplicity, Amaris has partnered with Workato in their mission to deliver simpler RPA deployment, and with this new partnership we deliver exactly that for our clients: processes which used to take months now are reduced to a few weeks.

Our partnership with Workato

We partnered with Workato to help organizations seamlessly accelerate RPA integrations. Faster integrations lead to faster research, better user experiences, simpler IT implementations, and better results in the long run.

The Workato platform’s innovative features help organizations handle real world problems, including the integration of applications, data, and people.

The most important benefits of our partnership for organizations are:

  • The ability to choose the type of integration they want: RPA or iPaaS (with Workato)
  • Ensures harmony between usability and technicality
  • Reduces processing times
  • Lowers costs
  • Improves the collaboration between IT users and business

Amaris and Workato’s RPA offers

This partnership is part of Amaris’ automation process strategy, which encourages the development of custom RPA. Process automation can use two different methods: using a UI interface (similar to a human collaboration) or implementing RPA directly within the data. The second alternative is managed by Amaris using Workato’s solutions:

Amaris Automation Process Strategy

  • Custom Development
    Develop robots on demand (One by One)
  • Center of Excellence
    Combination of automation service + maintenance service
  • RPA as a Service
    Develop bots based on an automation strategy defined by the client

Workato Solutions

  • Citizen integrators

    Workato is the only integration platform that was built from the ground up to support a single design interface for developer/IT and citizen integrators. This ensures that citizen integrators have access to the same power and capability available to IT.

  • Conversational integration

    Workato provides a chat-based, (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.) bot-building platform for implementing compelling UX, centered around integrations and workflows.

  • IT Governance

    Workato Aegis is a management tool that provides cross-enterprise visibility into users/ usage, integration processes, and the applications they connect. The tool also supports assigning differing levels of responsibility and visibility within the platform, and it enables collaboration between business and IT users.

  • Extensible platform

    Workato’s platform is extensible, allowing it to support new applications beyond the many that are available pre-built. In addition, the platform offers a powerful and configurable REST data connector, allowing for integration with many systems without writing any code.

Robotic Process Automation is about collaboration, creating efficient work environments, and identifying opportunities for cost reductions. Ultimately, RPA helps to enhance customer satisfaction: becoming client focused has never been easier or faster thanks to this new method of automation.

Using data driven automation offers direct access to backstage processes, reducing implementation time from a few months to as little as three weeks. It’s quick, effortless and causes minimal disruption to operations during integration.

For organizations of all shapes and sizes, Amaris Consulting and Workato’s partnership means automation has never been more accessible. 

Contact us today for a cheat-sheet on your automation integration journey.