modern device management

Modern Device Management

In today’s digital world, businesses must implement solid strategies to achieve their full potential and make the most of the latest technology. Removing roadblocks and achieving device adoption at scale helps companies maintain a secure and cost-effective technology stack as well as providing an improved user experience. Having proper device management will allow you to onboard any employee from any location with any type of device in the blink of an eye.

In addition, a ‘Device as a Choice’ program is now a key criterion to attract and retain top talent.

Our Expertise in Modern Device Management covers:

  1. Readiness Assessment:

    Whether you’ve just started integrating new devices or have already deployed them, Amaris enterprise mobility engineers will ensure that you’re ready to support a growing number of employees. We work closely with your technology teams to create a comprehensive assessment of the environment and best practices for managing your devices.

  2. UEM Health Check:

    Our UEM health check will help you understand what you have and, more importantly, how to maximize and unlock value from your solution. We create a shopping list of things you can improve and add, and you can request that we do some or all of them. We assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. Many organizations invest in a solution, but over time the organization’s requirements change.

  3. UEM Kickstart:

    During personalized onboarding sessions, an Amaris expert will work with you to configure and integrate your UEM seamlessly into your existing environment. Through a hands-on approach, our consultant will familiarize your team with UEM features and configurations.

  4. Integration & Deployment:

    Our consultants and industry experts work cohesively with your team to implement strategies, redesign your current system, or integrate new capabilities into your operation.

  5. UEM Migration:

    Already using a Unified Endpoint Management system to manage devices in your company, but want to switch to another system or from an on-premise to a cloud solution? Whether your current vendor doesn’t provide the support you expect, or you simply require a more robust tool, switching UEM providers doesn’t have to be overwhelming or painful. Our team of experts is here to guide you through this process and ensure an effortless transition. In addition, our team can provide a customized migration tool for a better end-user experience when required.

  6. Managed Services:

    As a managed service provider, we offer a strategic value by identifying, securing, and managing your devices. A partnership with Amaris Consulting means allowing yourself to focus on your core expertise while we handle your back operations.

  7. Training:

    Our certified consultants will deliver workshops in the form of delivery model you prefer. The outcome is to understand the steps required to improve the performance of your device management in your environment. Our team will be present on-site or remotely to walk you through modern management best practices around the integration, deployment, and management of devices.

  8. Reseller:

    Amaris is partnering with all the major UEM solutions on the market to help you select the best offer adapted to your needs. Contact us to get more information on a solution and request a demo or a quote.

Amaris has developed partnerships with all major modern management editors. Acknowledging that the domain is constantly evolving, Amaris experts maintain their knowhow as well as their skills up to date on every tool and every OS. This technology watch is based on training, certifications, talks, webinars, and events. Our team is certified on all the major UEM solutions to ensure we always provide best in class guidance to our customers.

Amaris advises and helps companies in finding the solution which best fits their needs. Independence from a specific technology is a freedom Amaris wants to preserve in order to offer solutions that best meet our clients’ expectations. That is why Amaris has an open-minded approach to modern management.