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The rise of Open-Source Software

Once seen as niche within the programming community, open-source software has gradually entered the mainstream. Defined as publicly accessible software which can be edited, modified, or distributed by anyone, open-source software relies on collaborative peer […]

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Welcome to the dark side

The Star Wars saga created an enticing universe: the Dark Side of the Force, dominated by Darth Vader, the Siths and of course, darkness. For a while, we’ve all been able to enjoy this darkness […]

Introducing our Client Stories

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Software development

How Amaris Consulting supports a multinational banking and financial services corporation in software development Our client Our client is a multinational banking and financial services corporation whose primary operations include retail as well as wholesale […]

How Amaris Consulting implements RPA technology to transform Balearia Balearia is one of Spain’s largest passenger & cargo maritime transport operators. With an annual turnover of €342m (2020), its 1,500-strong workforce runs a fleet of […]

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5G: Ready or not, here it comes

Whether for business or personal use, we all demand that that our mobile internet connections are fast, reliable, and have the bandwidth to cope with whatever we need them for; be it streaming, browsing, video […]

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The Engineering Challenges of Tomorrow

A Viewpoint by Adrien Eyraud, Global Account & Industry Manager at Amaris Consulting. Engineering is what powers the world we know today. From transportation and product innovation to renewable energy and data capabilities, we rely […]

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Cyber Security & Building Resilience

Digitalization now touches every area of our professional and personal lives. Be it communication, manufacturing, healthcare, or transport; without digital, modern operations would grind to a halt. As the applications of digital technology grow, however, […]

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Proud to go the extra mile, every day

An article by Jean-François Thunet, CEO Amaris Consulting These days, it seems like almost everyone is trying to contribute to change the world. Amongst them are more than 60 million consultants, including freelancers who are […]

Gender Equality Score

In May 2018, the French government presented a comprehensive action plan to combat gender-based violence and end pay inequalities. The legislative measures were provided in the Law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future, […]