Interview with Siham Azif

Published: 18 October 2018,

I joined Amaris when I was 26 as a Project Management Consultant, and I’m now involved in strategy and development for the Lille office.  


1.   How did your academic curriculum at SKEMA influence your career?

I did a Master’s in Supply Chain Management and Purchasing at SKEMA. On top of providing extremely career-oriented training, this degree truly inspired me and rapidly steered me towards my current role. The most enriching aspect was the vast range of verticals and roles we explored. With each module, I gained a real understanding of different sectors and job functions. Product Manager, Management Controller, Project Lead – different roles that opened all doors for me. Besides learning a trade, I truly learnt how to adjust to any environment and situation.

2.   What role did SKEMA’s network play in your career and in your life?

Before even getting to the network, simply being able to mention SKEMA on my CV, or when applying for internships when I was still a student, was a considerable asset. SKEMA’s direct relationship with several businesses also provided unparalleled opportunities. That said, SKEMA’s network main strength lies in its deeply personal nature. I’m still in touch with some of my fellow graduates who are now based at the other end of the world. This really helps me to stay open and receptive to different development perspectives. Most importantly, the lecturers who taught me the basics when I was a student are still around to help me navigate the issues I encounter in a professional environment. A phenomenal support!

3.   Of all Amaris’ core values, which are the ones that convinced you to join the Group?

Trust is the value which really makes me feel part of this company. Because of the trust placed in me, I don’t feel like a number, and everything seems possible. This value goes hand in hand with another: boldness. It follows logically from the trust that’s placed in me, which pushes me to go beyond, encourages me to be more enterprising.  This is particularly true in management – I am involved in strategic decisions for the Lille office which would not necessarily be the case in other companies, considering my job title.

4.    What made you want to move to Lille?

My situation is somewhat peculiar since I moved from Morocco to France to study first, and then to work. Having spent most of my life in Morocco, I now find myself in a new environment both from a professional and from a personal perspective. I chose France, and Lille in particular, because of its dynamism. Everything moves fast in this city. The market is very competitive and very stimulating. You have to constantly adjust to new situations, a skill I learnt at SKEMA.

5.   Why did you choose Amaris over more established consulting groups?

Mainly because of the Group’s personal touch. When I joined the Lille office, it had opened recently and there were only two business developers, so  I felt like an important part of the team. Today there’s 60 of us in the office and nothing has changed, also because the challenges we face are still as exciting. Another key factor for me is how young Amaris teams are. We communicate faster and more efficiently because we are on the same wavelength. I don’t have any experience of larger, more established consulting groups, but I doubt they enjoy the same level of harmony in the workplace.

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