Interview with Marin De Surirey

Published: 25 October 2018,

I joined Amaris when I was 23 as a Manager. I’m now working as a Senior Manager in Lille, where I’m responsible for all the office’s operational aspects. I lead a team of 60.  


1.   How did your academic curriculum at SKEMA influence your career?

SKEMA gives its students an international outlook and I wanted a multicultural environment without necessarily leaving France. SKEMA’s Master degree in International Business gave me all the strategic, legal and commercial tools I needed to work in such an environment. Its extended network and presence on 4 continents was another determining factor in my decision to work in a globalised market. A decision that was also confirmed during my semester at the Shanghai campus.

2.   What  role did SKEMA’s network play in your career and in your life?

SKEMA’s alumni network is a strong ecosystem and an invaluable help, which I’m keen to contribute to at my level. Since starting at Amaris, I’ve been in touch with several SKEMA alumni both from a professional and a personal perspective. From now on, I’ll also be an active member of this network, answering questions from alumni or current students who’d like to know more about Amaris, but also about the consulting and engineering industry.

3.   Of all Amaris’ core values, which are the ones that convinced you to join the Group?

Of all Amaris’ values (independence, boldness, performance, trust and commitment) the one that resonated most with me is boldness, without a doubt. I’d like to stress that it’s because I shared this vision that I chose Amaris. The boldness the Group demonstrated by trusting a 23-year-old business school graduate to open a new office in Lille, a hyper-competitive market for tech and management consulting. But also my boldness in accepting this challenge when I had no first-hand experience in this field. Thanks to this entrepreneurial opportunity, I was able to open an office that today counts 60 employees, in a town where the Group was not yet present.

4.   What made you want to move to Lille?

Geographically, Lille is a nerve centre in western Europe, which makes for a booming, dynamic and international market. Moreover, thanks to Amaris’ multi-cultural offices and hubs, in a single day I’ll often be talking to people from the four corners of the world.

5.   Why did you choose Amaris over more established consulting groups?

I’m sure none of these groups would have given me the opportunity to open a subsidiary in a new region in France, at the age of 23, and with no concrete work experience. Amaris didn’t just choose me for my CV, but also for my motivation and my attitude. Every day I’m given lots of responsibilities, and I can pick my own challenges. This gives me the kind of freedom that I would never have enjoyed in a different company.


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