‘Escape Games’ become a recruitment tool for Amaris

Published: 23 October 2018,

Constantly seeking to innovate its recruitment processes, on 26 September Amaris held a very atypical assessment day in Paris based on the popular ‘escape game’ experiences.

Capitalizing on this recent craze, Amaris asked candidates to take part in a special ‘recruitment’ edition of the popular group game format.

Six students from well-known French business schools competed for an internship opportunity at Amaris:

- ESCP Europe
- EM Lyon
- SKEMA Business School
- NEOMA Business School
- Montpellier Business School

For over one hour and 15 minutes, participants tried their best to free themselves from ALMA, a power-hungry, evil AI. The students had to solve several puzzles and riddles that put them to the test and revealed their personality in a group dynamic. Meanwhile, two recruiters observed everything from the control monitors and evaluated the candidates’ soft skills. After the game, more formal individual interviews took place.

Candidates’ feedback on this new experience was very positive. The idea of using escape games as a recruitment tool was very well received: “The escape game experience organized by Amaris is very modern and makes you rethink the very concept of recruitment. We forgot we were being interviewed and therefore interacted in a more natural way” says Federico from ESPC Europe. The students also appreciated the Group’s initiative and creativity: “What’s great about Amaris is that they constantly strive to innovate, and that’s what I’m looking for in a company” explains Anne from EM Lyon.

After this very successful pilot, Amaris decided to repeat the experience – stay tuned, more dates and cities being announced soon!

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