Brno wins over the international Group Amaris

Published: 15 November 2018,

Amaris, already present in Prague since 2012, decided to strengthen its regional presence in the Czech Republic by opening its first office in Brno last October.   

The Group’s office opening in Brno was managed by David Lacroix. David is a French telecommunications specialist who moved to the Czech Republic in 2015. He quickly realised that the second largest town in the Czech Republic played a significant role in the country’s economy. Furthermore, this was an opportunity not to be missed by Amaris, given that Brno is known as the “Silicon Valley of Central Europe”.

Brno is the High Tech heart of the Czech Republic. Being present there means that Amaris can connect with some of the best start-ups in the IS & Digital sectors, and thus be up to date with all the latest innovations on the market.

Opening the Brno office is also a strategic decision for Amaris. Firstly, the Group wants to be able to support its clients across the globe and offer them more flexibility from within its different countries. For this, Amaris is not just limiting itself to capital cities, but dares to expand its presence according to its clients’ opportunities and projects.

Secondly, opening this office enables the Group to strengthen its synergies in Central Europe by connecting Brno to its neighbouring Amaris offices in Bratislava and Vienna.

About Amaris:

Amaris is an independent group that is organised as an international business ecosystem, offering its clients an infinite range of services to help them manage their operations, strengthen their innovation capabilities or, more generally, add value to their activities in a flexible and scalable way. In 11 years of existence, Amaris has become more than just an international and independent consulting group.


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