Published: 19 December 2018,

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, Amaris has signed the United Nations Global Compact.

This signature is a symbol of Amaris Group's strong commitment to doing business in a sustainable and responsible way by incorporating the Global Compact’s ten principles into its strategy and daily practices.

Not only does this step reflect the Group's values, but it also strengthens the Foundation's global impact.

The Group's sustainable development policy is currently focused on three main areas:
• Our people, at the heart of the business
• The environment, a daily concern
• The Amaris Foundation, our commitment to a fairer world

The Amaris Group aims to position itself as a reliable business partner with a transparent approach towards its clients, while promoting responsible common practices to improve the following:
• Environmental resource management
• Employee health and safety
• Labor laws in the respective country
• Integrity in business


Our people, at the heart of the business

The wealth of experience of our employees is a key driver of Amaris' success. The Group's strength lies in the varied and multidisciplinary skillsets of its teams, which enables us to offer the best possible service to our clients.

International and internal talent mobility allow our employees to broaden their horizons and improve their skills, and thus plays a key role in their personal and professional development. At Amaris, we encourage you to develop your career and offer tailor-made career paths.

We are aware of the positive impact we can have on our environment and on the communities around us. For this reason, we support various charities around the world. The Amaris Foundation is a major player in this movement.

The Environment, a daily concern

The Group is committed to taking all reasonable measures to protect the environment. Being a consulting company, our overall environmental impact (including carbon footprint) is already very low.

However, measures are in place and we plan to develop the following:
• Video conferencing to minimize business travel and thus reduce our carbon footprint;
• Recycling;
• Material donations to charities;
• An annual assessment of greenhouse gases with a focus on the Group and a number of its companies.


The Amaris Foundation, our commitment to a fairer world

The Amaris Foundation represents the Group's desire to make its social commitment a reality by sharing its success and expertise around the world. At the heart of the Foundation is the desire to give everyone the means to build their own future, to become independent through innovative initiatives.

The foundation is based on 2 main focus areas:

• Employee commitment through a participatory model based on three initiatives:
             • A call for collaborative projects
             • A global network of Ambassadors
             • Direct involvement through voluntary work or volunteering employee skills and expertise for projects co-created with non-profit partners;

• In line with the Group's values and businesses, the Foundation is committed to achieving independence through innovation for five main causes: education, health, access to employment, equal opportunities and the environment. The charitable projects co-created by the Foundation are selected based on their connection with the Group's businesses in order to promote knowledge sharing and enable us to help support these causes as best we can using our expertise.

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