Anne Lise IT

Business Line Recruitment Manager


"Sport : essential to challenge myself at work"

Without sport: no concentration, no chance to relieve pressure, no new ideas and no inspiration in my daily work.

Within Amaris, I am able to organize my agenda for my personal fulfillment. It is very important for me to have a balance in my personal life to be more effective at work. I try every week to reconcile my professional life and my sports activities: Cross Fit, Yoga, Biking and many others.

If you too feel the need for daily challenges, join us.

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Rachid IT

Chief Project Management Officer


"Defending my associative projects thanks to my company : I couldn’t ask for more! "


Thanks to my Vietnamese martial arts practice, I discovered the Xuân association, which takes care of about three thousand orphans and children from poor families by improving their living conditions.

Working for Amaris in Vietnam has allowed me to get closer to this association and to combine my passion with my associative commitment. Thanks to the Amaris Foundation, my commitment goes even further: I will defend the “Wash” project which gives access to water and sanitation in schools.


If you too want to make a commitment to and with Amaris, join us.

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Gilles IT new

IT Project Consultant Manager


"An exceptional experience on the other side of the world "


I accepted a civic service as a logistical coordinator for a year on the Kerguelen Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean.I had the opportunity to work closely with scientists who helped me discover there domain and learn a lot from them.

By joining Amaris, I constantly have the opportunity to take advantage of the skills acquired during this exceptional experience. My flexibility, my boldness and my adaptation skills are to the benefit of each project, to meet the needs of our customers.

If you too, you’re not scared of boldness, join us. 

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Ly IT  new

Senior Project Manager IT


"Cultural diversity as wealth"


Working at Amaris allows me to work in my home country while mixing with different cultures. My colleagues in Vietnam are of different nationalities and my projects allow me to work with the whole world.

Beyond the cultural wealth, it is also the openness of each one of them that impresses me: I have a passion for hair tints, my hair colour depends on my mood and my inspiration. It made my colleagues laugh a lot and some of them even jumped in and tried it for themselves!


If you too want to be in an inspiring and multicultural environment, join us.

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Anaita IT

HR Development Officer


"Football: a boy's sport? I do not think so"

I always wanted to play soccer. I began practicing in the women's team during my studies and later on, I set up teams with my colleagues during my various professional experiences.

Today, I am involved in the organization of games within Amaris. I bring together consultants and staff every Wednesday to train. What makes our team unique? A mixed team where men and women, consultants and staff, compete and play together. Whether you are a woman or a man, you are most welcome to join our team.


     If you too, join Anaïta's team by applying here now.

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Gustavo IT

IT Consultant System Architect


"Leaving everything for a new life in Europe"

After 14 years as an IT consultant in Brazil, I needed to change my work environment, face new challenges: a new adventure in Europe was needed!

Two years ago, Amaris gave me the opportunity to follow my European dream. I started to work on IT projects in Germany and, more recently, I was able to join a new team in Portugal.


If you too want to have rewarding challenges, join us.

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Gemma IT new



"My region’s traditions inspire me on a daily basis"


When I moved to Barcelona to work for Amaris, I was looking forward to join a community to integrate. Originally from Catalonia, I already knew the tradition of "castells" which consists in forming a human tower of several floors with the strength and the synergy of the participants. So I joined the team in my neighborhood.

Every day in my work, I convey the values of strength, balance and courage that this tradition has taught me in order to strengthen team spirit and carry out our projects efficiently.


If you too, you want to share the team spirit, join us.

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Doru IT new

Communication Officer


“Passion or work? Why not both?”


Since I started my career, I’ve been committed to the Communication field and, in time, I developed a passion for video editing.  Whenever I have the chance, I start new projects: from making short movies about my latest trips to submitting videos to different contests.

In Amaris, my passion for editing is fuelled in different ways, as I’m able to bring to life with our team of designers different video concepts and learn in the same time from them.


If you too, you want to include your passion in your daily work, join us.

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Steven IT new

IT Consultant


"Couple associative commitment with technical skills: there’s nothing more stimulating!"


A few months ago, I discovered the I-clown project born out of a joint effort between the Amaris foundation and Le Rire Médecin association. The idea: develop an IOS application that will allow nursing staff to distribute clown sketches on tablets to restore smiles to sick children.

Unfortunately, I did not have the technical skills needed for the development of this application. So I decided to be a self-taught iOS coder and take part in this great adventure.


If you too want to use your skills to support a cause, join us.

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Mystery employee IT

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