Tracking and Monitoring Gas Emission-based Data for a Greener Singapore

How Amaris Consulting supports Faurecia with Singapore’s clean air initiatives

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Real time data

Emissions monitoring

Active contribution to Singaporean air quality

How Amaris Consulting supports Faurecia with Singapore’s clean air initiatives

A Clean mobility initiative

Our client

Faurecia is a French automotive equipment engineering and production group. The group develops, manufactures and markets equipment for automakers, including seats, interior systems and emission control technologies.

Taking action in gas emissions for a greener future

Globally, over 36 billion tones of CO2 are emitted annually. Concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are now over 400ppm – the highest they have been in over 800,000 years. If global warming is to be limited to the internationally agreed target of 2°C, emissions must urgently be reduced. 

At present, Asia contributes 53% of global emissions, making the continent by far the largest producer of CO2 in the world. Furthermore, 24% of all emissions come from fuel combustion; road traffic such as cars, buses, and trucks accounts for three-quarters of this figure. The transport sector is facing increasing pressure to increase efficiency and reduce emissions if climate targets are to be met.

Our client Faurecia is a global leader in automotive technology. They have been pursuing clean energy initiatives for over 20 years and are industry leaders in clean technology solutions with a 25% global market share in exhaust after treatment systems.

Already providing commercial and high-horsepower vehicles with technology such as stationary and mobile applications, in-line systems, DPFs, Faurecia is also working towards delivering real time emission monitoring for on-road, off-road, marine, and industrial vehicles. They support governments, cities, and fleets to reduce mobility emissions by delivering technological solutions that have a direct impact on air quality.

Partnering for change

Faurecia is partnering with the National Environmental Agency (NEA) of Singapore to reduce emissions in the city state. Singapore is leading in the eco-smart city race, but there is increasing concern over transport pollutant emissions and a need for real time emission monitoring.

Faurecia’s NEA partnership included a cloud-based solution to enable the real time monitoring of vehicle emissions. Amaris helped Faurecia to plan and execute this solution, including implementing cloud-based telematic sensors on public transport vehicles and delivery transportation services to analyze emissions. These sensors also facilitate the analysis of driving behavior data by Faurecia and vehicle suppliers. Once a critical mass of data has been achieved, analysis and results will be delivered to the NEA and vehicle providers, providing transparency and a true reflection of performance against clean air targets. 

At Amaris, we believe that tomorrow is human, and that technology is a tool for creating impactful change. We fully support our client’s goal in driving the mobility and industry value chain towards achieving zero emissions

Ensuring robust security for real-time data

Ensuring a perfect match between sensor and vehicle specifications presented a technical challenge during sensor installation. Our consultant  went the extra mile to secure complete compatibility.

Due to the nature of the data being collected, this project required special attention to be paid to data protection. Ensuring that cloud architecture and data storage were secure and robust was a priority; since several entities must have real-time access to real-time data, significant security measures were put in place.

A 4 step project to serve Faurecia’s clean initiatives

  1. Getting equipped:
  • Sourcing and purchasing of vehicle spare parts for delivery, commercial, and buses.
  • Negotiating with outside vendors & service providers to secure competitive pricing through Amaris’s internal procurement tool

2. Vehicle retrofit

  • Exploration and selection of reliable & flexible local service providers (garage, machining workshops)
  • Vehicle parts design and adjustments
  • Vehicle modification through mechanical, electrical, electronic enhancements
  • Electrical wiring – software installation and configuration

3. Managing clericals

  • Production of reports & presentations
  • Maintaining inventory lists
  • Handling equipment shipping, storage, local transportation and budgets monitor
  • Participating in internal and external meetings, events and exhibitions

4. Updating the fleet

  • Carry out regular onsite vehicle/system inspection check-ups, maintenance and upgrading systems at partner’s premises
  • Predictive maintenance: attend for onsite system breakdowns & restoration

The impacts of effective partnerships

Amaris succeeded in identifying and bringing on board an experienced, highly-skilled profile in the local market: a top-tier engineering specialist to serve this complex project.  

As well as equipping seven different vehicle types with emissions reduction technology, Amaris also fitted sensors to vehicles in order to collect real-time data and visualize their gas emissions. This technology enabled to track driving patterns in these vehicles to measure their contribution to emissions.

The technology implemented is able to track emissions related to air conditioning even when the vehicle is not in motion.

Our collaboration with Faurecia and the National Environmental Agency of Singapore actively contributes to the reduction of vehicle emission rates, which is one of the greatest causes of air pollution in the region.

Key results

Solid partnership resulting in a positive contribution to Singaporean air quality

Adapted emission reduction technologies to 7 vehicle types

Facilitated emissions monitoring even when vehicle is not in motion

Ability to collect real-time data and visualize gas emissions

Acceleration of Faurecia’s rollout in Singapore due to our knowledge of local market