Automating appointment systems and streamlining customer care

How Amaris Consulting transforms appointment systems and streamlines customer care

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How Amaris Consulting supports a healthcare player in upgrading appointment systems and streamlines customer care

Our client

Medicasa has specialized in the design and provision of home care services for more than 25 years. With 10 operating centers across Italy, our client employs more than 1,600 people.

Providing 1,700,00 home visits to over 38,000 patients, their mission is to assist and treat patients in their homes with professionalism, ethics, and dedication. 

High-powered solutions for high-quality care

Amaris Consulting was approached to improve their existing workflow.

In the existing system, workflow was managed manually via a call center. Call center operatives received patient requests, and then had to manually check medical professionals’ availability to attend the appointments. As such, our goal was to work collaboratively to enhance the appointment system, particularly when medical plans required a series of appointments.

A bespoke application which housed all the information necessary to streamline the appointment system was needed to ensure that the high-quality care provided could be delivered in the best way possible to their patients. 

Designing application support from the ground up

Our client’s objective was to streamline their service provisions, benefiting both their service users and their employees.

A crucial requirement of this project was to work closely with the client to establish the project’s parameters – Amaris Consulting helped to define these parameters as well as the project’s objectives.

Amaris consultants would be responsible for suggesting and refining features in the app solution. 

Project steps

  • Establishing project requirements: Agreeing app product needs, features, and capabilities
  • App design: Working with medical professionals to tailor app to needs
  • App roll-out: Managing the roll-out of the app, integrating legacy and new workflows“ 

In order to unify workflows, Amaris consultants created an app to centralize supply and demand.

Medical professionals’ calendars were made available via the app; these could then be matched with client needs and availability. As such, all the necessary details were displayed for the health workers, allowing them to process and accept the requests, in a secure environment.

Map integration was noted as a key feature of the app, as this would help to facilitate medical visits at a patient’s address without the need to use external tools in conjunction with the client app.

What changes with this app

Medicasa’s workflow has been streamlined and made more efficient. Using agile methodologies, Amaris consultants provided project management support throughout the app development and roll-out process. Following the app’s roll-out, our consultants transferred the ownership of the app to our client’s internal teams. Training and implementation support was provided.