Qloudwise Cloud Services

 Qloudwise Cloud Services

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Amaris has developed an exhaustive portfolio of Cloud services adapted to all types of needs:

Virtual Data Centre

We offer you a chance to utilise the IT resources you need, when you need them. Should you want to outsource your entire information system for the long term or just temporarily use additional resources to develop and test applications, Qloudwise VDC (Virtual Data Centre) offers that array of possibilities.


With Qloudwise, use the exact number of e-mail accounts your company needs, and determine the storage space and complementary services necessary. From 1 Gb to 100 Gb, with or without archiving, we suggest you opt for a tailor-made solution with Zimbra, an especially powerful open-source messaging tool.


Simplify teamwork in your company by making your data available to anyone, anytime, with any device. Stored securely in our data centre, your data are permanently synced on the Internet with all the users you want.


Make certain you never lose your data due to a user’s mistake, a system crash, virus or malware attacks. With Qloudwise Backup, your data are encrypted and transferred to our highly secure data centre located in Vienne. This data centre is constantly synced and lets you recover your data if there’s ever a problem.


Take advantage of Opsview’s advanced monitoring functions to substantially improve the performance of your computer systems, regardless of where they’re located. Dynamic, flexible and upgradable, the Qloudwise monitoring system enables you to proactively resolve problems before users even run into them.

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