Delivery Models

Delivery Models

Over the past decade, the accelerated process of globalisation and the exponential growth in information and communication technologies have profoundly reshaped the consulting industry. The need to combine quality implementation of a project and optimisation of its costs with local needs has become a key success factor for our clients. 
Amaris takes up this challenge by offering high-value-added consulting services while combining the strength of a global Group and the flexibility of its local business units. Through international coverage and the development of nearshore/offshore platforms, the Group is showing its responsiveness and capacity for innovation with regard to our clients' needs, in order to contribute the greatest added value and the most appropriate performance/cost ratio.

Amaris supports its clients in different ways: 
> Consulting & Assistance; 
> Skills Centre; 
> Project Package; 
> Services Centre; 
> Tailor-made Projects & Services


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