The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the members of the board. Together they bring forth a vision of the company and make sure that its values are respected and shared. The Executive Committee defines the strategy to be followed, sets priorities, ensures the implementation of decisions and coordinates all actions at a global level.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee implements the strategy across all of the Group's subsidiaries. The Executive Committee, the Management Committee reviews prospects for the company's development and analyse its business, performance and results.
The members of the Management Committee have an in-depth knowledge of the Group's expertise and activities. They ensure that the Executive Committee's' vision is matched by the way teams implement strategy, aiming to stimulate the operational performance of each of the department in order to support the Group's growth.

The Regional Chief Operating Officers

The Regional COOs are in charge of the operations and growth of specific groups of subsidiaries or regions. They ensure their running and development through the integration of new markets and group’s business lines within their respective scopes, the enforcement at the local scale of the group’s values & best practices as well as the coordination between corporate governances and operational teams making them key actors in the implementation of the group’s strategy. Our Regional COOs interact in order to enable international synergies, constantly improving Amaris’ operational performances and know-how for our customers.

Managing Directors

The Managing Directors ensure the Group strategy deployment, and convey the Group’s values and hold major responsibilities. Truly entrepreneurs, they manage their subsidiaries and teams to develop operations and provide a continuous delivery of high quality services to their clients at local, regional or national level.
Amaris has made the excellence of human resources policies one of its chief priorities as talent management is at stake to deliver value added services. Thus, Managing Directors contribute to their team empowerment; they lead their teams to success by sharing their experience and know-how.


Olivier Brourhant

Chief Executive Officer

Using a client-focused approach, Olivier founded Amaris in 2007 and has overseen its exponential growth and global footprint. Olivier held a variety of leadership roles: Manager and Associate Director within Altran Technologies and Management Program Director and Country Manager at Alten. Olivier is an INSA Lyon School of Engineering graduate and an EM LYON Business School MBA holder. Olivier has received the prestigious EY entrepreneur of the year 2016 award. In 2017 he was named as part of the 100 personalities of Swiss Romandie !


Olivier Tisseyre

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

INSA Lyon School of Engineering graduate, Olivier acted as Consultant and Manager in Technologies consulting group. He then joined the Alten Group, where he was responsible for the creation of subsidiaries and international development. In 2007, he founded Amaris and currently serves as its Deputy CEO. In 2017 he was named as part of the 100 personalities of Swiss Romandie !


Jean-François Thunet

Chief Operating Officer

Kedge Business School and Ecole Centrale Paris graduate, Jean-François began his career in Belgium in an international consulting company before joining Thales Group’s headquarters in Paris, where he served as Strategy Deputy VP and Global Account Manager. In 2008, he was appointed as Director for the Amaris French branch and Head of development for the North American market, and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer.


Arnaud Brizzi

Group Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Following his graduation from the EM Strasbourg and the University of Nüremberg, Arnaud has started his career in large consulting groups in Engineer and IT fields. He decided to join the Amaris group in the role of director of offices that he set up in Strasbourg and later in Luxembourg. Today, he is appointed as the Regional Chief Operating Officer for the geographical areas of France, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland and Brazil. He is also responsible for the development of the group through the integration of new markets in the Amaris business sectors.


Etienne Cadre

Human Resources Director

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Business and Management from Bordeaux IEA, Etienne started his career in the recruitment field before being appointed as Human Resource Manager at Altran. With several years of international experience, his current goal is to implement a global human resource management strategy in his capacity of the Human Resources Director at Amaris. 


Fanny Tresallet

Regional Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management with a specialisation in strategy, Fanny started her career at Amaris in 2011 in the role of Manager in Switzerland, after a first experience in the consulting industry. Passionate by the Asian cultures, she took the opportunity to move to Shanghai (China) in order to set up our business in China. As a believer in the future, Fanny has had a successful career evolution and she is today responsible for all the Asian area.


Federico Corsi

Regional Chief Operating Officer

After graduating in Telecommunications Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Federico started his career in STMicroelectronics as Wireless Communications System Engineer. After having taken the role of Manager and Senior Manager in an international consulting firm, he joined Amaris in 2010 as Director and has had a successful career in the company as Senior Country Manager ever since. Nowadays he is one of the Regional Chief Operating Officer, supervising and managing different countries of the Group.


Alberto Giordano

Regional Chief Operating Officer

With a specialisation in Mechanical and Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino, Alberto has acted as Consultant for Altran Italia before serving as Business Manager within the Alten Group. Further to those first experiences, he later on joined Amaris in January 2011 as Director. After having acted as a Senior Country Manager, he now occupies the function of Regional Chief Operating Officer in Italy.


Caroline Decre

Recruitment Director

A graduate of the University of Poitiers’ Business School with a Master in Human Resources, Caroline joined Amaris in 2010. She served as Recruitment Officer, HR Project Manager and Group Recruitment Manager before being appointed Group Recruitment Director in 2014. She admirably implemented around the-clock recruitment platforms in Barcelona, Bucharest, Shanghai and recently Ho Chi Minh City in a view to answer customers’ needs worldwide.


Olivier Delattre

Chief Information Officer

Nominated twice amongst the best CIOs by expert juries. Olivier is a Lille E.S.I.G. graduate who began his career as an Analyst- Developer at EDF before working in the IT departments of several large companies: Absys, Decathlon, Fortis Bank and Carrefour as Infrastructure Project Leader. He worked for Alten-Belgium as IT Manager before joining Amaris as Technical Account Manager. He now serves as the Group Chief Information Officer. In 2017 he was named CIO of the Year in the Cloud Category.


Mark-Corentin COT-MAGNAS

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated from Toulouse Business School with a DSCG expertise, Mark-Corentin acted at EY in Transactions services and Audit. He joined Amaris in May 2013 as Administrative & Financial Manager, then as Regional CFO for Asia, the Iberian peninsula countries, North America and Eastern Europe. He now serves as Chief Financial Officer.



Development & Marketing Director

Having graduated from Supelec, with specialization year done at Politecnico di Milano, Nicolas has a diversified professional background thanks to many experiences in companies such as Altran, Thales and Wolters Kluwer. Nicolas served as General Manager in Belgium and in Europe, and more recently as Product & Go To Market director for a digital platforms company. He joined Amaris in October 2016 and now serves as Development & Marketing  Director.

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