stepping stone

We believe the most important step a business can take is the next one.
The first step is important, but the next step is vital because growing is changing.

What we do

Amaris Consulting is an independent technology consulting firm providing guidance and solutions to businesses.

We provide technology consulting services in Information Systems & Digital, Telecom, Life Sciences and Engineering.

With more than 1,000 clients across the globe, we have been rolling out solutions in major projects for over a decade.

Life Sciences

We offer a wide spectrum of services to Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotechnology companies. Our understanding of market dynamics, customer demands, and regulations means that we can assist you at every stage of the product lifecycle and help develop and embrace innovative processes and technologies.

IS & Digital

In this era of globalization and rising competition, our holistic Information Systems & Digital (IS&D) services help tip the odds in your favor. With a presence in over 60 countries, we have the resources and expertise to react 24/7 to your needs and create standards of excellence by assisting you both on-site and remotely.


With business becoming borderless, connectivity and consumer intimacy are the two things that matter. At Amaris Consulting we partner with operators, constructors, and integrators to build their network and identify paths to increase efficiency.


We are dedicated to helping you with your toughest engineering challenges. Be it System Engineering, R&D, Sustainable Engineering, or Smart Manufacturing, our experts help you in assessing and updating your strategy to reflect today's shifting markets.

Our vision and mission

We are a community of entrepreneurs and craftspeople, passionate about achieving excellence for our clients and partners.

Helping businesses grow is the reason we wake up every day.

We create the solutions our clients need by putting the people with the right skills in the room. We care about finding and delivering the right solution for them.