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Amaris is an international Technologies and Management Consulting Group with more than 60 locations around the world. 
Our business consists in supporting our clients in carrying out their projects. We act within their organisation to help them improve effectiveness and enhance performance. Our knowledge of their business sectors, coupled with our functional and technical expertise enable us to offer them the best guidance to achieve their goals. 
Amaris’ added value lies in the quality of its teams and their attention to detail, as well as in the way the company capitalises on their knowhow. Every employee is encouraged to develop a proactive, efficiency-oriented working style in order to provide only the most innovative solutions.


Our values are the cornerstone of our organisation. They define who we are and guide our actions and behaviours. They inspire each one of our projects and are reflected in the work our teams do: their choices, their relationship with clients, and the attention they pay to results.


At Amaris, performance translates into a constant desire to move forward and outdo ourselves in bringing projects to fruition. In order to do an excellent job each and every time, we try to exceed our clients' expectations by proposing solutions that bring them genuine added value. 
In achieving this objective, curiosity and an open mind are indispensable to our team members; they are constantly improving their knowledge and honing their talents in order to best understand the issues they have to deal with.


Keeping our word and complying with the established rules are part of the way Amaris operates. 
The Group is committed to creating an environment conducive to employee personal growth, so that everyone gets to contribute to our collective success.
Every day, we build lasting relationships with our clients and employees in an environment where each person’s qualities are acknowledged and put to good use. We are determined to not only meet but also exceed our clients’ expectations; we systematically demand the best of ourselves in order to achieve this objective.


Trust is essential to establishing a lasting bond between two parties. Respect and honesty are at the basis of all our relationships, whether internal or external. Internally, this relationship takes the form of an exchange of knowledge, in order to help our employees succeed professionally.We always strive to build a lasting rapport with them, based on active listening and dialogue. We promote freedom of expression and we encourage employees to challenge ideas in order to create an organisation that constantly learns and adapts to the business.


An entrepreneurial spirit has been in the Group’s DNA since its creation. A veritable idea catalyst and talent developer, it is this passion for entrepreneurship that drives us and serves as one of the pillars of our existence. This value is illustrated by the trust placed in our teams, as well as the initiative and autonomy that we give them in making their day-to-day decisions.


Amaris is an independent and financially autonomous group, which enables it to remain free of any outside influence. At Group level, strategic orientations correspond to decisions based on operational choices.This difference that characterises the Group gives it a rare flexibility and the ability to always be more innovative in the solutions we offer our clients.As a true partner, Amaris supports its clients across all their international sites by developing solutions based on common operating issues.

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Amaris Workforce


Since January 2017

As the company enters the 10th year milestone, it continues to set challenging objectives and enable new opportunities for growth. The Group continues the rapid pace expansion, opening a new office in Japan,  that further enforces its international network’s strength on the five continents. Our CIO Olivier Delattre has been awarded DSI de l’année in the Cloud category by the IT for Business magazine. For the second year in a row, we are in the ranking ‘’Le Palmarès des Entreprises qui recrutent en 2017” by the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Estimation 2017:



From January to July 2016

Amaris is getting closer to its two digit birthday and has launched the “Growing up” campaign to celebrate its journey to 10 years. 
This ninth year starts with an award as National Champion for France at the European Business Awards. At the beginning of the year, our offices in Toronto (Canada), Torino (Italy), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Istanbul (Turkey) have moved to support Amaris’ unbounded success. 
After the successful opening of its first African office in Mauritius, the Group is expanding its activities on this continent with the opening of an office in Casablanca, Morocco. This new office makes it possible for Amaris to work alongside its clients and to become their privileged geographical partner. 
In 2016, Amaris intends to reach a turnover of 140 million euros and a workforce of 2650 employees. 
Our recruitment policy has been highlighted in the French newspaper Le Figaro which has ranked Amaris as one of the most recruiting companies in 2015. The international success of Amaris has also been rewarded in the magazine L´Expansion. We are part of the Top 100 SME and mid-cap companies which stand out on the international market.


January to June 2015

Amaris celebrates its 8th anniversary and starts the year off with the opening of a new office in Toronto, animated by the success of its first Montreal location. 
In addition, our IT services quality has been rewarded twice, as our CIO Olivier Delattre has been nominated amongst this year's best CIOs by the magazine IT for Business and our teams received the 3rd prize in the Global IT Meetings for the best IT transformation project. 
In the meantime, our COO Jean-François Thunet has won the award of most mediatic personality by the Alumni of Centrale Paris specialized Master in Technologies and Management, thus enlightening the general recognition of his expertise. 
As a tangible proof for our strong development, we are also part of the strongest recruiters in 2015 in a national ranking established by Challenges magazine. 
In 2015, Amaris intends to reach a turnover of 105 million euros and a workforce of 2050 employees.

From July to December 2015

The Group spreads its presence in Europe with new openings in Toulouse and Lille (France), in Valencia (Spain) and in Brindisi (Italy). 
Amaris marks its arrival on the African market with a new opening in Mauritius. This office allows the consulting firm in Management and Technologies to support the activity of its customers 24 hours a day. On the Asian continent, Amaris expands its activity with the opening of the first office in India, in Bangalore. 
The Group closes out the year on crossing the symbolic threshold of 2000 employees worldwide. Amaris’s international success is rewarded by the French magazine L’Express which ranked us 61st in its Top 100 SME and mid-cap companies which stand out on international market.


From January to June 2014

Amaris has just completed the second acquisition of its History: Thales SAP subsidiary in Italy. Through the acquisition of the Thales SAP subsidiary, Amaris strengthens its existing SAP competence centre and reinforces its expertise, client base and portfolio of offers. In March, Amaris announces the opening of a new office in Stuttgart and in April, the Group launches a new company specialised in Training, Coaching and Consulting for executives and CEOs : Inneraction.

From July to December 2014

Amaris accelerates its international expansion and opens six new offices in six months. Turkey, Greece, Ireland and Vietnam are added to the Group’s country list. In parallel, Amaris increases its presence in Italy with the opening of a new office in Bologna and opens a new office in San Francisco. In November, Olivier Brourhant, CEO of Amaris, is chosen to be part of the delegation of business leaders who accompany the President of the French Republic on his official visit to Canada, due to the company’s growth and recruitment drive. At the end of the year, Amaris reaches € 78m turnover, 1510 employees and a presence in 40 countries.


From January to June 2013

The first quarter was marked by opening subsidiaries in Amsterdam and Lisbon, two strategic locations that consolidated the Group’s presence in Europe. In the second quarter of 2013, Amaris expanded its international network by opening a new location in Canada. The Montreal office will now enable the Group to support its Canadian and North American clients locally in carrying out their projects. The Group has crossed the symbolic threshold of 1,000 employees and currently has more than 350 clients; up to 700 more people will be recruited in 2013 in order to support the Group’s international growth.

From July to December 2013

The Group keeps its momentum going and opens new offices in Nantes and Aix en Provence. Regarding partnerships, Cisco names Amaris a “Managed Advanced Partner”, which reaffirms the Group’s status as a benchmark in Cloud Computing. In November, Amaris receives the Deloitte Fast 50 award, which rewards the most performing and innovative companies. The Group ends the year on a great note and does not only register a significant increase in turnover, but also makes a new acquisition, the Italian subsidiary of Thales SAP, which strengthens Amaris’ existing SAP competence centre and reinforces its expertise, client base and portfolio of offers.


From January to June 2012

Amaris, who registered a 4-digit organic growth in five years, took a strategic turn in 2012 by making its second important acquisition: Thales Information Systems & Austria CEB. The first half was marked by the expansion of the Group to Asia with opening offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, and to the Middle East, with a new office in Dubai. Amaris also reinforces its presence in Europe by opening a subsidiary in Milan. The group now supports its clients in over 40 subsidiaries worldwide.

From July to December 2012

After 5 years of existence and growth, Amaris started a rebranding project that, among other things, gave the Group the opportunity to reaffirm the values that contribute to its success: performance, commitment, trust, boldness and independence. This rebranding intends to work on the corporate image to better reflect the diversity of personalities and the company values. Amaris ended 2012 with a turning point in its growth history; major projects emerged, the Group is now operating across borders and is bound to reach 1,000 employees soon.


From January to June 2011

The beginning of the year 2011 was marked by the establishment of the Group in a new country: Germany! Amaris opened its Munich subsidiary in March, thus finalizing its strategic presence in Europe. Some new activities also started in France, in the Southeast quarter, with the purpose of following the development of activities across the country in the medium term.

From July to December 2011

The 500 employees threshold is reached and the growth forecast revised upwardly; Amaris ends the year 2011 with more than 640 employees and over 200 clients, allowing the Group to have a very serene 5 year Anniversary.



On the heels of its success, Amaris opened five new subsidiaries: Belfort (France), Basel & Zurich (Switzerland), and Turin & Rome (Italy). During the first quarter, operational activities were launched in Luxembourg and Amaris further developed its technological activity in Switzerland. The Group now has activities in 10 countries and employs over 400 people.



The Group’s European network was reinforced by opening activities in Brussels (Belgium), Strasbourg (France), Barcelona (Spain), and London (United Kingdom). In addition, two new subsidiaries were opened in South America, Mexico and in Russia. 
Amaris, which reached 200 employees, also expanded its activities to the USA.



The first quarter of 2008 marked the opening of two new subsidiaries, in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Madrid (Spain). The group also established in Paris and Lyon and reached a total of 100 employees.



Amaris was founded as a business consulting company specialized in management and technologies by two engineers, a lawyer and a financial expert. Implementing a strategy of international development, the project took a wide-ranging scope from the beginning and Amaris simultaneously settled its activities in Switzerland (Geneva), France (Lyon) and across the English Channel (London).


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